Builder/Developer Program...

Who is this for?

*Residential and light commercial (no architects stamp needed), we have engineers licensed property developers and engineers in 48 states if needed .

*You want marketing help specifically in your area (co-op marketing available after the first 2 sales).

*You want to implement the process we used from over 4 decades of construction experience to make projects flow smoothly and quickly with less overhead.


*You have excellent quality
*You have existing prospects (no fee to start)
*You either want…
 1. We provide our plans and shell or full materials at our expansive discounts to your  and our clients and you take it from there…         
2. We provide plans, full kits, designs, client liaisons,  budget analysis, takeoffs and estimates, project management software, and full services so you can spend time actually
building projects and less time dealing with clients.

*You want to double or even triple your current number of homes yearly.


You want  help preparing master plans for governing agency presentations, marketing sales floor plans, renderings, video fly-throughs, and plan options for prospective clients.

*You want our property development firm to provide our license, a builder partner, or work with your builder to provide our shells and kits to build-out homes.
*You want help moving lots faster so you can focus on getting the next development ready to go.

Real Estate Property Development is NOT for… 

Micromanagers who want to control every aspect of the building or development process with a client will NOT be a good fit for this program.

*Builders who have to use all of their suppliers for every piece of the project will NOT be a good fit for this program

What Our Clients Have To Say

"Our project was unusual. We had a combination of office space, production space, and retail. We could not seem to get any architects past the idea we did NOT want to do separate facilities due to constricted land space. Dave and his team at DKNR Designs were the only ones who said “We believe not only can we do that, but we believe we can easily create 3 separate entrances and 3 separate parking areas for those 3 functions of your project.” And they DID!

We are a small private company and he promised we would remain anonymous but I had to do a testimonial for DKNR Designs after the work they did for us. Wearing many hats I did not want to add the hat of “New Facilities Coordinator” and have to deal with the contractor while trying to run our business. They did exactly what they said they would and we could not be happier with the results. If you want a project done from start to finish and don’t want to have to worry about it… then hire DKNR Designs and get out of their way. They will not let you down."

Cheryl S.

What Can Commercial Real Estate Development do for you?

*Bring you more business (our clients and a separate page on our website).

*Puts your prospective clients onto a successful and quick path (not required)

*National Discount pricing on other supplies and finishes (15-28+%)

*Frees you from dealing with clients during initial design.

*Sets you to dealing with clients only at specific major milestones (full service for builders)

*Real Estate Property Developmen Provides, sales, marketing, advertising, design, estimating, takeoffs, client management, CPM scheduling, budgeting, supplier (yours or ours) and subcontractor management, engineer stamps, specifications (yours customized), client and prospect communications (some of these are only full service - your choice).

*As a Builder, this gets your prospects and ours ready to come out of the ground or sets up the project for full internal management and communication with our full service.

*As real estate developers in Knoxville, TN, this gives you a professional look that separates you from your competition giving you the ability to sell your lots at a higher price and faster.

When does this work?

*When you understand time is money.

*The faster and more thoroughly we prepare the prospective client before the homes start or the lot is sold, the more vested they will be in the project and the more value they will see in the service they receive.

*When both participants are working as a team in real estate development firms and each understands their role in the process.

barndominium designs

Where does this work?

*Anywhere in the world someone understands it takes a real team approach to make growth happen.

*We work mainly in the residential homes sector and can assist in bringing your business to the next level.

*Our real estate property development solutions are customized for each builder/developer, to an extent. If you want to use a certain project scheduling software, marketing source, or a certain type of materials/suppliers for certain things it may be possible to make that happen.

Why should I do this?

*Many builders/developers spend over 60-70% of their time dealing with clients in calls, bugging them to pick finishes, begging for money, dealing with late-night questions, waiting on them to pick finishes or change their minds, etc. We manage that.

*Having one team that can move your projects along from initial concept to closing can free you up to move your business to the next level.

*The team at DKNR Designs is experienced in multiple facets of design work and real estate development project management. Dave himself cut his teeth many decades ago on industrial and commercial mechanical work.

*Our team can do all the work from initial design and concepts all the way through to finish selections.

*We have engineering partners as needed and are ready to get you going on the right path toward success.

*Most important… you want to grow your business but you do not want to have to hire a whole bunch of different people/companies to put on your payroll to do it.

*You wish someone else could deal with the clients so you and your team can focus on building the actual projects or moving the development along faster.

How To Get Started
Ask Yourself These Questions...
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