The level of services and solutions we provide are unique in the industry. The list is by no means all-encompassing and not every project needs all of these options. So let’s take a look at SOME of the services and solutions we offer…

Stock and Custom Plans

**Clients Plans Budget Estimate and Finish Schedule...

There is NO WAY to do an apples to apples comparison of builders without a completed finish schedule and an initial budget estimate.

This service is for a regional budget estimate process using a client's plans and our DKNR standard finishes in your finish schedule per our terms and conditions. This is NOT a guaranteed budget that you can build your home for the budget included. The budget is a guideline and quite often local builders are much more expensive than budgets with preliminary numbers.

The numbers they give you will mean nothing. If you do not agree with this basic premise there is NO way we can help you. Substitute your builder’s numbers and if they are true you should be ready to go to the bank after you pick your finishes. See details in our services comparison below.

**Stock Plans…

This service is for a set of plans, a regional budget estimate, and our DKNR standard finishes in your finish schedule per our terms and conditions. This is NOT a guaranteed budget that you can build your home for the budget included. Substitute your builder’s numbers and your chosen finishes. See details in our services comparison below.

** Signature Series Plans...

This service is for a set of customized plans, a regional budget estimate, and our DKNR standard finishes in your finish schedule per our terms and conditions. This is NOT a guaranteed budget that you can build your home for the budget included. Substitute your builder’s numbers. See details in our services comparison below.

Overview of Plan Services Below…


The Total Package

Having trouble finding a builder you like to hit your budget?

Want help finding a local licensed project coordinator or project manager to run your home build?

Or do you Want to do it yourself but need help finding subs and getting everything together?

Want to save 20-40+% on all your project materials (tools too)?

We can put your entire project together from plans, to finishes, to local sub and contractor selections, ready to come out of the ground... and a majority of time at a cost MUCH less than using a GC throwing "budget" numbers at you which are not true and you most often will not get on paper.

Let us help.

See details below in our services comparison.

OPTIONAL - Client Liaison 7% fee based on the total project budget (35K minimum fee)

The total project budget = the final full home Materials price after all adjustments, interior design fees, engineering fees, contractor fees, custom plans fees, software fees, and any other costs/fees. the client liaison helps contact subs, adjust schedules, communicate, plan, and adjust estimates on behalf of the owner and/or project manager.

step 2: Select a plan

"custom designs are priced during the initial interview"

level-4 "White Glove Service"

White Glove Service

Clients with very limited time to deal with a luxury Custom Home project, or who desire the best possible project to match their dreams, and prefer personalized service directly from an owner are a good fit for white glove services. Ultra-high-end clients are individuals or businesses with extremely high levels of wealth or revenue.

They typically have significant financial resources and are willing to pay a premium for luxury goods or services. These clients often seek out the highest quality products and services and may be very discerning and have high expectations.

In the US or overseas, it does not matter when it comes to this level of service.

These clients are looking for a long-term partner to help them preserve and enhance their investment for years to come and will be invited to this level of service. Yes, this is an invitation-only and includes personal attention from Dave on your project in the way of on-location meetings, contractor supervision, and running the team for the build.

You will meet with Dave personally on a few occasions during the development of your project to personally view mood boards, 3D designs, and physical models, and verify we are on the right track for the design, your dreams, and our vision. You meet as you wish during the construction phases and we take your project from the initial concept and sketches all the way through placing furniture and hiring local help for the running and maintenance of your legacy ultra-high-end project (if that is what you wish).

You can request White Glove Service in your initial interview and depending on the first interview you may be invited for a private interview with Dave for your White Glove Service. This is all about involving the client as much or as little as they would like to be involved. We connect with you and your project to immerse ourselves in the vision, then we work with the best local builders or contractors to bring it to life.

Price = 3mil Minimum budget .
Invitation only
level 3 client liaison plus full custom plans required plus all travel expenses paid and 15% of the total project budget (including our fees above)

See Our

Some of Our services & solutions...

*Home Design Styles

Craftsman, Mountain, Rustic, Modern, Traditional, etc,. etc. etc. You dream it, we can do it.

*Barndominium kits

Supply of Barndominium kits with Full Plans. We even have all your interior finishes if you want them.

*Commercial Projects

Office buildings, Warehouses, Manufacturing, entire communities. Engineering too!

*Interior Design

Full interior design from every finish selection down to furniture, window coverings, and electronics.

*Landscape Design

Whatever look you want or give us freedom to do it all. Full property landscaping layout and planning.

*Hardscape Design

Walls, retaining walls, outdoor patios, verandas, steps, pools, orchestra sized gazebos... you name it.

*Site Planning and Design

Fully integrated home, site, hardscaping, drive, access roads, bridges, fully integrated into the design.

*Basic Plans to Full Custom

4 elevations, floor plans, and sections up to everything in the project spec'd out with full details.

*Video Walkthroughs

When you want to see whats its like to walk through your project before it even starts. We can do that too.

*National Pro-Level Purchasing

We have accounts at several national providers for our full service clients. Anything you want at your fingertips.

*Supplier and Artisan Connections

World-wide specialists for those unique situations when something off the shelf just wont do.

*Master Planning

Full development and design approval planning and solutions.

*Site Visits Available

Dave himself takes on this task on many occasions. Designing with the site in mind is paramount to success.

*Engineer Stamps Available

We have relationships with engineers for structural, electrical, mechanical, etc. We'll handle all your needs.

*Budget Estimates

Even our basic plan service can receive a budget estimate. A budget ONLY, not an actual quote.

*Detailed Estimates

Go to your builder with a detailed estimate with up to date prices done by an industry professional.

*CPM Scheduling

You and your builder can know the time frame with proper Critical Path Scheduling. Or let us do it.

*Contractor Interviews

Hate the idea of interviewing contractors? Let us do it. We have been contractors and know what to ask.

*Ongoing Budget Reviews

We can help review contractor payment requests to verify the work has been completed to the quality expected.

*2D Shop Drawings

Often more detail is needed especially for custom crafted parts of a project. We do it all.

*3D Life like Renderings

A drawing just isn't enough. Believe it or not some of our pics on our site are renderings. Can you spot them?

*BIM Modeling

These give you an inside structural look of your project BEFORE you break ground.

*VDC and Photogrammetry

Building Information Models for MEP, structural, Fire Protection and Serviceability.

*Sales/Investor Presentations

Sales floor plans, live renderings, video walkthroughs set to music to entice the most distinguished investors and clients.

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