Custom Built Tiny Homes starting from a base price of only $76,597
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At DKNR Designs' Tiny Homes division, our commitment to delivering superior quality and exceptional value is unwavering. While you may notice that the price per square foot for our customize tiny homes is on par with or even higher than that of conventional high-end custom-built homes, several factors contribute to this pricing structure:

1. **Fundamental Components:**

Regardless of the home's size, certain fundamental components remain consistent. Every dwelling requires a well-equipped kitchen with appliances and countertops, bathrooms with tiled fixtures and vanities, a heating/cooling system, and a reliable water heater, among others. These essential features are perfect to build a custom tiny house and this collectively contribute to the overall cost, and when distributed over a smaller footprint in our tiny homes, the price per square foot naturally appears higher.

2. **Sturdiness and Portability:**

We are the custom tiny home builders in Knoxville, TN. Our tiny homes are constructed with durability and mobility in mind. They are engineered to withstand the rigors of transportation and adverse weather conditions. Achieving this level of resilience often entails using premium materials and construction techniques, which can contribute to the overall cost.

3. **Economies of Scale:**

Larger traditional homes benefit from economies of scale. Bulk procurement of materials, more efficient utilization of labor, and other efficiencies tend to lower the cost per square foot in larger residences. Tiny homes do not enjoy the same advantages in this regard.

4. **Customization:**

Due to the limited space in tiny homes, customization becomes paramount. Each square foot is meticulously optimized to ensure both functionality and comfort, which can increase labor and material expenses.

5. **Interior Finish:**

Often the interior finish of Tiny Homes is more elaborate and requires more detail, especially with the lack of “clear” wall space as found in traditional homes. Each square foot and square inch of wall, floor, and ceiling space requires more planning and many more cuts and finishes per square foot than a traditional home.

6. **Exterior Finish:**

At DKNR Designs, we customize tiny houses and ensure that every home comes fully prepared for transportation and capable of withstanding the elements. This means the home is delivered painted with all roofing, siding, windows, and doors in place, which, of course, affects the initial cost.

While the initial cost of a tiny home may appear high when measured on a per-square-foot basis, it's essential to consider the unique advantages they offer. These include mobility, energy efficiency, and the opportunity to embrace a more minimalist and sustainable way of living. Such factors make DKNR Designs' Tiny Homes an enticing choice for those seeking a distinctive lifestyle.

All customize tiny houses built by DKNR will be certified by and built to Pacific West Associates ANSI or NFPA Park Model or RV model Standards and above. We start with the proper frames for park setting or on the road use and go up in quality from there. We used to build million dollar homes and we put the same care, quality, and unique craftsmanship into our tiny homes.

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